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Welcome Sunset

This is a site for those who are descendants of the children of John and Lydia Kimble, or any Kimbles which may be connected somehow to this family.
John and Lydia's children are believed to be:
  • Caleb Kimble? (moved to MI)
  • John Kimble? (in MI) 
  • Prudence (Kimble) Widener 
  • Mary (Kimble) Sickles
  • unknown daughter
  • Nathan Kimble
  • Martha (Kimble) Franklin (pictured top right)
  • unknown daughter
  • Hannah (Kimble) Pomeroy (pictured bottom right)
  • Isaac Kimble
  • Benjamin Kimble

See "John and Lydia" or "Who we are" page for more family information. See names of descendants working on current research on the "Who we are" page.
There are also links to pages which store the research which has been made to date, toward ascertaining where in New Jersey this family is originally from.
Click on the photo on the right for a Franklin (Martha) website.
This is a work in progress, so please contact me if you have any information.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed with research or has shared about their family!

Martha (Kimble) Franklin
Martha (Kimble) Franklin

Hannah (Kimble) Pomeroy
Hannah (Kimble) Pomeroy

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